Brand New Day

Rationale Behind Test/Essay Items

on June 4, 2012

  Based on the objectives that I had, I think that all of the test items can be used for each of the objectives. My objectives were formatted for a third grade classroom and I think that that age group can handle each of the test items provided. Generally, multiple choice questions can be difficult for a younger group of students, however, with the information and directions provided, i think that the students should be able to answer the questions without any problems. (Kubiszyn, 2009) Because I used a math unit, it was a bit difficult to make test items because I wanted to use pictures. I included a link and the places where pictures may be included in order to show how I would present my test items. I also tried to be very straight forward and clear with my questions because of the age of my students.

   My essay items were a bit more difficult also because it was a math unit. Essay items are not supposed to ask a question with a straight forward yes or no answer but instead force the student to use critical thinking skills. (Kubiszyn, 2009) Because math is so straight forward, it was difficult to think of questions that didnt have just a cut and dry answer. I used the essay items that I did because I thought that they were simple enough for a third grade class but also gave me as the teacher insight to what they understand. I wanted to see if they saw the deeper meaning and importance behind the objectives instead of just the right math answer. (Kubiszyn, 2009)

Kubiszyn, Tom (2009, 10). Educational Testing and Measurement: Classroom Application and Practice. VitalSource Bookshelf. Retrieved from


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